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  DigiNet is the FASTEST, MOST RELIABLE & AFFORDABLE broadband service in Belize. 



Now Available in  San Pedro, North Side Belize City (selected areas) Ladyville, Orange Walk, Belmopan, Placencia, and Belama Phase1-4 residents. Coming Soon to Benque and Corozal.


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Other Internet Service

What other Internet Service is available?

Our High Speed Internet uses the technology known as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) for customers to connect to the internet at their home or business. Fixed Wireless Internet is also available in selected areas. This service offers a range of speeds with affordable prices.

What is the monthly fee?

High Speed Internet is a highly reliable Internet connection as there is no need to dial-up. Customers are connected 24/7.  Current broadband services include our DSL and Wireless technologies as well as Fiber Optic Connections. 



Download Speed     Current Price     Prices + GST  
1Mbps $69 $77.63
2Mbps $84 $94.50
4Mbps $149 $167.63
8Mbps $229 $257.63
16Mbps $399 $448.99
              All plans are inclusive of GST
Modem Rental $10 $11.25



What is the installation and modem rental fee?

Installation - $75 – one time charge


Monthly Modem Rental - $11.25 – monthly recurring charge to rent equipment


Modem Purchase Price (DSL Modem) - $149 - one time charge

Can I bundle my Home Phone Plans with High Speed Internet?

Majority of the Home Phone plans can be bundled with High Speed Internet with the exception of the Home Phone BASIC plan. 


Home Phone

Monthly Fee

Monthly Fee

(Bundled with Internet)









 $89  $60



If I am disconnected for non-payment, how long after I pay my bill will my service be restored?

Due to the change over from one billing system to the other, reconnection has now become a manual process. We would like to assure our customers who pay before 3pm on a business day (Mon – Fri) your service will be restored within the same day. Those who make payments after 3pm on a business day, will be restored by midday on the following business day.


e.g. For Customers who pay after 3pm on a Friday, your services will be restored by midday on Monday. 

What is the process for upgrading my internet speed?

To upgrade your speed, kindly visit any of our Customer Service Offices countrywide and ask a Customer Service Representative for assistance. Be sure to bring along a valid ID.  


If the account is not in your name, you will be required to bring along an authorization letter and ID of the account owner, including yours.  Note that there is no additional charge to UPGRADE your internet speed.

My internet service will not connect- what should I do?

  • Verify that bill is up to date
  • Verify that the modem is turned on and all wires are plugged in properly

If none of these work, please call us at 119 (available 24/7) or send us a text, Whatsapp or Viber to 608-8888 (available 7am – 10pm) to report fault and request additional information if required. 

What should I do when my internet is slow?

Please note that the speed may vary depending on amount of devices connected as service is provided via shared bandwidth. Use to verify speed and ensure to do speed test when no devices are connected to the internet.


If you are still having issues, please give us a call at 119 so that we can investigate this matter further.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact us at 119 or send us a text, WhatsApp message to 608-8888 between the hours of 7am to 10am for support.