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Staying in touch with friends and family abroad is easy with BTL's International Calling Options. Customers have more than one option to make an International call, whether they are using a Fixed Line or DigiCell phone. In either case, customers can use any of the direct dial options or make the call via our Operator Services.

To dial direct, you need to have the International Direct Distance Dialing (IDDD) feature activated on your line. You can also make International calls using PrePaid Cards from any Fixed Line or DigiCell Number. PostPaid customers can also use a PrePaid Card to make International calls with or without the IDDD feature.

Before you make the call, here's what you'll need to know:

  • Access Code "00". DigiCell Customers can use the "+" sign to replace the access code
  • Country Codes
  • Area Code for the City, Town, District or Island (in some countries, area codes are not used).
  • Customer Number - the number of the person you are calling.
  • IDDD using “00” from any PostPaid Fixed Line or DigiCell Premier.
  • PrePaid card using “00” from all Fixed Lines, DigiCell Phones and             Payphones.
  • Operator Services - dial 115 for paid and collect calls.


Example:  To make a call to 212-976-1666 in New York, USA using Direct Distance Dialing:

After you have completed dialing, there will be a short delay before you hear a ringing or busy tone. Do not hang up the receiver during this delay.  If you get a busy tone, hang up your receiver immediately and try the call again later.  Ringing and busy tones vary from country to country.  As soon as the number being called is answered, billing will start.

Click here to see rates for PostPaid and Fixed PrePaid Customers

Click here to see rates for DigiCell PrePaid Customers

PrePaid for Tourist

DigiCell Temporary Cellular service is available to tourist and visitors who want short-term cellular service. For instance, a customer can rent a DigiCell phone from BTL Airport Customer Services Center or bring their GSM 1900 band phone and purchase a PrePaid SIM pack from any DigiCell distributor countrywide.

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