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Residential Services

Service Entrance Policy

BTL now has a Service Entrance policy. This policy defines where BTL’s responsibility ends and where your responsibility begins. BTL will install and run wires all the way to the Network Interface Device (NID). The NID can be located either outside or inside of your premise.  You will then be responsible to run the wire(s) from the NID to your personal device/computer.
The Service Entrance policy ensures that both BTL and customers have a clear understanding of their individual responsibilities in order to provide quality service.

Service Entrance Rates
PDFService Entrance Pamphlet 1

PDFService Entrance Pamphlet 2


High Speed Internet (HSI) is offered using our Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and Wireless technology. This service offers customer’s unlimited internet service connection at a specified speed.

BTL has reduced HSI rates and lowered the installation fee effective September 1st 2016.

BTL’s High Speed Internet
PDFSmall Business & Corporate Broadband


The New BTL Home Phone Plans give you MORE VALUE for your money! Choose from among any of the 3 New Home Phone Plans starting as low as $29 monthly. Enjoy cheap calls for as low as 3 cents per minute to any Fixed Line number. Also, calls for as low as 19 cents to any DigiCell Mobile Number. With our New Home Phone Plans, you also get up to 3 Hours of FREE Calls to the top 13 International destinations worldwide. For even bigger Savings, you can bundle your Home Phone Plan with High Speed Internet.  So now you can, “long bench all yuh want!”

The New Home Phone Service
PDFHome Phone Brochure English
PDFHome Phone Brochure Spanish

Regular Telephone

BTL's Wireline service gives you access to basic telephone service, which includes a telephone number, a free telephone directory, and a free directory listing. To this service, you can also add a host of other convenient features that will enhance all your communication needs for your home or business.

You can choose from the following levels of service:

  • Local Access Only - allows you to receive calls from anywhere, but only make direct calls within your area code.
  • DDD (Direct Distance Dialling) - allows you to receive calls from anywhere, and make calls within Belize. All international calls must be made with operator assistance at a service charge that is billed to the calling party.
  • IDDD (International Direct Distance Dialling) - allows you to receive and make calls anywhere in the world with direct dialling capabilities.


Econo-Phone service gives you complete access to BTL PrePaid telephone service while paying one low monthly access fee. You can now monitor the amount of time you spend on the phone by using PrePaid cards to make all your Local, National, Cellular and International calls. Econo-Phone also works like a PrePaid Cellular Phone; this means you can dial any telephone number without entering the PrePaid card PIN each time you want to make a call. You have the option of loading the PrePaid card value on your account or use the card each time you want to make a call.

Along with this service, you will also receive free Voice Mail with notification and Caller ID. You also have access to PrePaid, Dial-up and High Speed Internet Services.

This package also gives you access to the following Emergency and Operator assisted numbers:

- 90 and 911 – Emergency
- 0-800-922-TIPS – Crime Stoppers
- 115 – Operator Assistance
- 119 – Fault Repair
- *55 – Wake Up Call
- All Toll Free numbers


DigiCell is a feature-rich and user-friendly mobile service that utilizes the world’s most innovative wireless technology GSM. DigiCell operates in the GSM 1900 band and provides superior quality, enhanced voice clarity, and extensive security. As Belize’s most advanced and revolutionary mobile service, DigiCell offers an expanded array of voice and multimedia services. With DigiCell all your communications, both voice and data are encrypted and therefore secure.

DigiCell makes life easy by offering unique communication solutions to business and residential customers through either DigiCell Premier or DigiCell PrePaid Services. DigiCell offers Short Message Service (SMS), Data and International Roaming Service. Value added features include Call Hold, Multi-Party Calling, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID andVoice Mail with notification.

You will not only enjoy the excellence of a highly evolved and comprehensible communications service, but we will treat you like the valued customer you are. As a DigiCell consumer, you become a part of our family!

PrePaid Value

PrePaid One Card

BTL’s One Card can be used for all PrePaid Services. When purchasing your PrePaid card, e-PIN or Fone TopUp, you no longer need to choose between Regular or DigiCell PrePaid card. Any card, e-PIN or Fone TopUp can be used for all your PrePaid Services. This card can be used as a Recharge card or as a Calling card.

Fone TopUp

BTL’s Fone TopUp is a real-time electronic recharge system that allows agents and distributors to provide electronic pins or directly top up a PrePaid number with any value.  With Fone TopUp you can top up a PrePaid number using any of these options:


  1. The printed receipt will show the PIN and recharge number to dial
  2. You can choose any of the denominations: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $30, $50 or $75

Direct Fone TopUp

  1. Tell the cashier or the Fone TopUp Mobile Agent your PrePaid number and the amount you want recharged to your account.
  2. The amount you pay for is automatically added to your account.
  3. If you are recharging a DigiCell PrePaid account, the number will receive an SMS advising on the amount of credit received.
  4. Choose any amount to top up from $1 up to $500.


-  Values less than $30 expire in 30 days.
-  Values of $30 or more expire in 90 days.

  1. Credit expiration can be found on receipt.
  2. SMS notification provides expiration date.
  3. Dial *20 for account balance & credit expiration date.

Fone TopUp Gifts

With Fone TopUp Gifts, you can send a Special Occasion SMS with your Direct Fone TopUp at NO EXTRA COST!

Send Congratulations, Happy Birthday, and even I Love you messages automatically to you friends and loved ones when you send a Direct Fone TopUp of any value!

Give the Fone TopUp Agent:

  • The number of the person you would like to send the gift to.
  • Your name or number or leave it anonymous…it’s your choice!

Fone TopUp Billed

Allows you to charge a Direct Fone TopUp to your BTL Bill. Visit any BTL Office & give the Customer Service Representative:

  • Your Account Number
  • The PrePaid number & amount you want to top up ($10-$500)
  • And how frequently yu want your number topped up (once, daily, monthly etc). You choose.

Fone TopUp Belize

Fone TopUp Belize is a service that allows persons residing or visiting the US to send credit to BTL Fixed Line and DigiCell PrePaid accounts in Belize. It’s an easy and very convenient way to send credit to loved ones in Belize. The process is fully automated and PrePaid subscribers here in Belize get the credit instantly. Initially, the service will only be available in the state of California, particularly the Los Angeles Area. However, the service is coming soon to Florida, Texas, Illinois and New York.

Persons wishing to send credit to their relatives and friends in Belize can visit a Fone TopUp Belize Agent in the US, provide the number and purchase the credit, which is automatically sent to the PrePaid Subscriber in Belize. The credit received will be equivalent in Belize dollars. Additionally, all promotions (eg. Double/Triple Day) will also apply with Fone TopUp Belize.

Please use the drop down boxes below to locate the nearest Fone TopUp Belize merchant.
Zip Code:

Name of Business
CA - Anaheim
Amparo's Hair Salon(714)635-67151150 N. Harbor Blvd
Discoteca Sabor Latino(714)774-1401911 S. Euclid St.
Haro's Transfer(714)687-98041151 N. Euclid Ste
Zapateria Jerez(714)758-9395404 N. State College Ave
CA - Corona
Corona's Multiservices(951)808-07293848 N McKinley St
Money Express Services 8(951)898-9547301 W. 6th Suite 105
CA - Fontana
Latino Wireless(909)854-44409358 Sierra Ave
CA - Hawaiian Gardens
Money Express Services 2(562)467-748812173 Carson St.
CA - Lake Elsinore
Multiservicios mi Hogar(562)242-955732065 Poppy Way
CA - Lake Forest
Money Express Services 7(949)457-015224602 Raymond Way Suite
CA - Los Angeles
Aztecas Services(323)290-07611524 W. M.L.King Blvd.
Bazar Cerritos(323)735-30112829 W. Pico Blvd.
Multiservicios Express(323)980-50802626 1/2 Cesar E Chavez Ave
CA - Mission Viejo
Money Express Services 6(949)770-162025571 Jeronimo Dr. Suite 14
CA - Orange
Yadis Services(714)771-1775229 S. Tustin St
CA - Santa Ana
Flash Communications - ACH(714)288-07652645 N. Grand Ave.
JMC Multiservice(714)542-2344815 N Main St
Mary's Multi Services(714)708-20121530 South Flower St.
Money Express Services 1(714)288-07882645 N. Grand Ave
CA - Whittier
Money Express Services 4(562)944-284010255 Suite

Online Fone TopUp

With BTL’s Online Fone TopUp service you can top up a BTL PrePaid or DigiCell PrePaid number from the comfort of your home, office or even while travelling abroad.

To send an Online Fone TopUp

  1. Register up to 3 numbers at
  2. Use any Local or International Visa or Master Card
  3. Send a Direct Fone TopUp or Fone TopUp Gift!
    (Values of BZ$10-BZ$500)

Visit for more information.


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