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Telecommunications in Belize dates back to 1902, when a manual line linked Belize City with Consejo Village in the Corozal District in the Northern region of the country. Since then BTL has grown from a small company to one of the nation's most dynamic and productive corporations.

Today, the services and products provided by BTL are vast and varied and distinguished by efficiency, quality and advanced technology. The company has expanded its mission to go beyond just providing telephone service to providing telecommunications solutions for its residential, business and government customers.

BTL operates an extensive network of telecommunication services in wireline, mobile, data, Internet and value added features. Each offers a full range of products and services that include fixed line telephone service, fixed wireless, national and international calling services, prepaid services, GSM mobile cellular & GPRS/EDGE, international voice and data roaming, high-speed Internet service, high speed data service and national and international data networks.

With a focus on the future, BTL is expanding its network to sparsely developed rural areas to serve and continue to satisfy the needs of its customers and ensure that Belize remains at the forefront in telecommunications.

Important Dates in BTL’s History


A manual wireline links Belize City with Consejo Village in the Corozal District.


Cable & Wireless, Plc, a British firm, introduces the first telephone system in Belize with international radio-telephone links.


The Government of Belize gives Cable & Wireless a license for telecommunications services. C&W installs a 1,000 line step-by-step dial office in Belize City with access to international service using high frequency radio circuits.


By Ordinance No. 22, the government establishes Belize Telecommunications Authority (BTA) as a statutory board. BTA assumes responsibility for the management of the national telephone services. C&W continues to provide international telephone services. In addition, the statutory body is established to not only operate, maintain and administer the national telecommunication services and to regulate, but also to control and plan all other internal and external telecommunication services.


BTA begins operating regional services to Mexico and Central America .


On December 13, C&W and BTA merge to form Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL). On December 30, the government vests the assets of BTA to BTL.


On January 1, BTL is granted a 15 year exclusive license to operate the telecommunication services in Belize . BTL assumes responsibility for the management of the international telephone services previously operated by Cable and Wireless (C&W). Not long after, the company upgrades the intermediate date rate system which allows one circuit to facilitate five simultaneous conversations. The earth station is upgraded to digital technology and circuit multiplication equipment is installed.
In January, the customer base consists of approximately 7,800 telephone customers. By year-end the number totals 12,000.
Then customers were assigned a meter which was read every mo nth and charges calculated. The billing process was completely manual, handwritten, folded, sorter, enveloped and delivered. BTL later revises and upgrades its billing system to a computerized process called a Telephone Information System (TIS). TIS calculates and sorts all bills alphabetically in order of city zones and streets.



Carlisle Holdings Ltd. Increases its BTL shareholdings to 52 percent. The company commits to a $50 million investment in GSM cellular infrastructure.



The company constructed a GSM Network Nationwide, with capital expenditure a mo unting to $60m.



Carlisle Holdings Ltd., announces its intent to sell its interest to the Government of Belize .



On April 1, the Government of Belize acquires Carlisle Holding's BTL shares, and then immediately sells those shares, together with other Government BTL shareholdings, to Innovative Communication Corporation LLC. As a result of these transactions, on April 1 st , 2004 Innovative owned 83.7 percent of BTL.



On February 9, following the failure of ICC to pay for 52% of the shares acquired from the Government of Belize, the Government took-back and subsequently re-sold those 52% shares to a number of private entities.
At March 2005, BTL was providing over 100,000 cellular lines, 35,000 fixed lines, and a wide variety of additional services including national and international data circuits, together with high speed internet using wireless and fixed line solutions.



On May 29th, with the coming into force of the Belize Telecommunications Undertaking (Belize Telecommunications Limited Operations) Vesting Act on May 29th 2007 (the “Act”), all the goodwill properties, assets, obligations and rights of Belize Telecommunications Limited were transferred to Belize Telemedia Limited.



On August 25th, by virtue of an Act of Legislature of Belize, the Government of Belize became the owner of the majority of the shares in Belize Telemedia Limited. The remaining shares are owned by 908 small shareholders

Company Mission
Be fast and efficient in providing communication solutions, enriching the quality of life of customers, keeping them connected anytime, anywhere.

Company Vision
A highly proficient, customer-driven, strategy-focused, best-in-class solutions provider, outstanding in everything we do.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Position BTL as the preferred source for communication services
  • Expand our range of services
  • Develop partnerships
  • Improve customer service
  • Expand beyond our national borders as opportunities present themselves

As a dynamic and energetic company BTL recognizes that the key to progress and development is to build relationships and work together with all its employees, customers and stakeholders.

BTL values its skilled workforce represented by some 500 trained employees who are committed to ensuring that your needs and satisfaction are met.  Our employees are skilled, professional, energetic, committed and ready to serve YOU. We aim to be outstanding in everything we do.

As a unique and people oriented company, we will invest significantly in both our management and employee teams, as this is one of our priorities.  Our employees will continue in our annual training programs geared at improving skills in customer service and technology.

As we aim at making our services even more efficient and reliable, we assure you that the high level and professional customer service provided by our employees will also continue to develop and grow.



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