Service Entrance Policy


Service Entrance Policy states that BTL’s responsibility is to install and run wires to the Network Interface Device either inside or outside of your premise.

Thereafter, the customers will be responsible to run the wires from the NID to their device. The policy ensures that both the company and the customers are understanding of their responsibilities for efficient and quality service. 

 See information below on how to proceed with installation of service:


For Residential/Small Business customers, kindly provide:

1.    ID Card (Social Security, Passport or Driver’s License)

2.     Proof of Address (Utility bill)

3.     Mailing Address

4.     Security Deposit

5.     Contact Number

6.     Certificate of Registration (For Small Businesses)


For Corporate Customers, kindly provide:

1.     Authorization letter or letterhead from business

2.     Article of Association

3.     Memorandum of Association

4.     Certificate of Incorporation

5.     ID Card

6.     Proof of Address (Utility bill)

7.     Mailing Address

8.     Security Deposit

9.     Contact Number